For Physicians and Nurse Practitioners

How does it work?

At Hemlock AID we want to support family doctors and nurse practitioners to help their patients at the end of life.
• If the family doctor or nurse practitioner wants to provide MAiD for his or her own patient, Hemlock can provide the second doctor consultation. We will have all the necessary forms, information about doses and drugs and can advise about best practices.
• If the family doctor or nurse practitioner supports his or her patient’s decision, but does not want to provide MAiD, he or she can act as the second medical or nursing practitioner signing the form and Hemlock can provide MAiD to the patient
• If the family doctor or nurse practitioner does not want to participate in physician assisted dying, Hemlock can provide both doctors and MAiD for the patient. In this case, you will be required to report to the Ministry of Health that you have referred the patient using this form:

Transfer of Request Form

Please call 604-620-9334 to leave a message or email to book a phone consultation with one of our doctors or to refer a patient.

Standards and guidelines from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of BC.

Here are the forms for documentation:

pharmacare 2018
Patient Request Record
Assessment Record (Assessor)
Assessment Record (Prescriber)