For people who want to take control of their own deaths

First meeting

We will first have a meeting to make sure that you know what your choices are and that you meet the legal requirements to be able to have aid in dying.  This meeting could be in our office, your home or by video. To meet the legal requirements, we may need information from a doctor about your medical condition.

Here are some questions we may ask:

What is most important to you at the end of your life?

Where would you like to be when you die?

Who do you want with you when you die?

Have you made arrangements for your will, your burial or cremation, funeral, etc, after your death?

Other meetings.

There is a requirement that the request for an assisted death be “enduring”. That means we need to record more than one request at different times, one of which needs to be written and witnessed by two people who are not beneficiaries in your will or care-givers. The waiting period after the written request is at least 10 days, unless there is risk that you will die or lose capacity to make decisions before the 10 days.

What will it be like?

We will choose a place and time together that works for all of us. You have the choice to drink the medication or we will use a needle to put a plastic tube into your vein and then inject 3 medications. With the injections, about one minute after the first medication you will be asleep. Your heart will stop in about 10 minutes. With the oral medication, you will fall asleep within about 10 minutes and stop breathing in less than one hour. We need to be nearby to give the medication by injection if the oral mediation takes longer.

Please call 604-620-9334 to leave a message or email to set up an appointment for a consultation.

What does it cost?

If you have BC medical insurance (a Care Card) the consultation(s) with the doctor will be free. The cost of the medications are covered by the province. The only costs you might have are for travel and the funeral home services.

Where do I find the form?

Here is the form you will need to sign and have witnessed.
Patient Request Record

For more information: